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To protect the health and safety, Our tours are paused due to coronavirus(COVID-19).


I have lived near Nishiki Market in the downtown area and have seen lots of foreign travelers who lost on their way everyday. Then, I felt strongly that I want them to bring back the real Kyoto and Japanese culture as memories of their trip, so I just started English guide at Airbnb.

Kyoto is not so big. Various attractions are accessible on foot, such as Temples, Shrines, Arts, Shopping, Eating and Drinking. Using my personal connection, I would like all guests to enjoy Kyoto which is not on guidebooks. 




Located in the center of downtown Kyoto, the Nishiki market has more than 400 years of history and more than 100 shops specialized in all things food related, and souveni...
Japanese Breakfast in Nishiki Market


“It's good to have a local Japanese to walk with us whenever we saw something we have not seen before we can always .”

Bruna  CA,USA




I engaged in a travel agency and involved in accepting travelers at Kyoto station for more than 10 years. Now, I live in the mid of Kyoto with my partner and like checking new shops and cafes while taking a walk around in downtown on my days off. Of course I like drinking, music and fashion as well as eating. I guide tours wearing kimono.

I am learning English and French, wanting to travel around the world.

I am qualified as a general traveling business manager(national qualification), kimono dressing teacher. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art.



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